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Online Donations: Why Gamble with the Security of your Donor's Data

August 01, 2019

Keep your donor's data secure by using administrator roles, VPN, SSL; the right software, and the right donation platform...

7 Reasons People Don’t Give to Your Cause

July 29, 2019

The work you’re doing is great. Your organization is making a difference in your community, and your team is full of passionate, qualified peo...

Top 10 Online Donation Solutions

July 01, 2019

Rather than sitting through countless product demos, here’s a quick guide to help your narrow down your decision

How to stand out on GivingTuesday

July 01, 2019

Tips for a better GivingTuesday that actually work

How To Keep Your Donor’s Information Safe

June 06, 2019

Companies that experience data breaches are subject to plummeting levels of trust from consumers, and nonprofits are even more vulnerable—donors take

How to Engage Employees in Your CSR Process

June 05, 2019

Employees that can give voice to what they are passionate about are more engaged and even serve customers better.

Tipping on Your Donation Form: How to Get Donors to Give More

June 04, 2019

Tipping is a more recent development in online donations where donors are given the option to cover processing fees for your organization.

How to Reduce Donor Dropoff for Online Donations

June 03, 2019

Traffic is up but donations are down? Here's how to fix that.

7 Ways to Make Your Nonprofit Event Stand Out

May 31, 2019

Differentiate your event and showcase what you are doing for your cause.

7 Donation Page Best Practices for Nonprofits

May 30, 2019

Here are 7 best practices to follow to make sure your nonprofit donation page converts.

5 Steps to Be More Secure with Your Donor Information

February 06, 2019

While the most popular data to protect is financial information like credit card numbers, breaches that acquire home addresses and phone numbers can r

5 Reasons You Should Review the Safety and Security of Your Donor Information

February 05, 2019

There are solutions that can help keep your donors’ information secure without adding a burden to your staff or significantly increasing your budget.

Five Steps to a Successful #GivingTuesday Campaign

November 14, 2018

Your #GivingTuesday campaign needs to inspire, motivate, and facilitate action.

Increase Charitable Donations with Evolving Technology

November 08, 2018

Technology is always evolving and emerging to make our lives easier and convenient. It’s hard to believe that while the telephone was invent...

Compare charity online donation platforms and services

July 16, 2018

Comparison of charity online donation platforms and services and sites

How to get more donors?

July 16, 2018

How to expand your donor base and get more donations